Have you been scammed online?

Find out for free if you can recover your funds.

If you have been scammed online, even through the world of cryptocurrencies, all is not necessarily lost.
Our team of experts is here to help you trace your money and find out if it is recoverable.

We are the first Italian media outlet on the world of cryptocurrencies and web3 specialising in the fight against online scams and we offer you a free pre-screening to see if there is any chance of recovering your funds.

How does it work?

Our ‘Follow the Money’ service offers detailed analysis of crypto transactions, using state-of-the-art tools to track lost funds and explore possibilities for recovery.

Fill in the form on this page with details of your situation

We analyse transactions and trace the path of your funds

We provide you with a FREE pre-analysis and discuss possible legal and recovery actions together.

Request a free pre-analysis

Explain what happened and provide us with the necessary information for an initial assessment.

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