About us

Decripto.org is the first Italian registered journal on the world of blockchain, Web3, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, metaverse and nft. Decripto is a participatory, independent and meritocratic online newspaper. It deals with Web3, the new Internet that is emerging thanks to blockchain technology.

We will not, however, talk about it in a technical or overly scientific/economic way. Ours will be a grassroots approach: who are the people who are building Web3? What motivates them? What are their projects? How will they impact our daily lives?
More than speculation, we are interested in innovation. More than cold machines, warm people. We will tell about the projects, go with cameras to their offices, meet their looks. Because from looks you can tell a lot.

Founded in June 2022, Decripto.org is headed by Giorgio Scura, former head of news at Fanpage and previously at Leggo, Il Gazzettino and Il Messaggero.

Its goal is, in addition to dissemination and education, to expose the scam projects that soil this nascent technology.

The editorial staff is also open to new collaborations, especially with professionals and experts in the field who want to contribute to the growth of this sector in Italy.

Finally, Decripto.org provides a range of media/press/press office/marketing services to companies and projects that want to grow their visibility and community.

Decripto helps you know, understand and act

Editorial staff